Moser Baer invests nearly 3 percent of its annual revenues on R&D, being committed to value engineering, improving product quality, yields and lowering the cost of production. Thanks to its continuous focus on technology and R&D, we have been able to position ourselves in the global market as one of the largest producers of data storage media with stringent quality standards.

Our commitment and excellence in R&D has been acknowledged by some of the best hi-tech companies and industry associations in the world leading to strategic partnerships in the development of cutting-edge and next gen technologies and products. These include the likes of Hewlett Packard Co. for the development and manufacture of LightScribe discs, and the acceptance of the Moser Baer-developed Blue-ray disc standard as one of the BDR formats in the world that was discussed & debated by the Blu-ray Disk Association (BDA).

So here is what Moser Baer’s R&D advantage means to you:

  • A globally recognized in-house R&D department, developing process technologies and innovating in manufacturing systems
  • An R&D center that has been granted recognition by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Government of India
  • A single-minded commitment to R&D and innovation that resulted in our becoming the first storage media company in the world to ship HD DVDs and development of next generation of optical media – namely the Blu-ray disc. Our in-house developed and patented technology has enabled us to play a pivotal role in the development & spread of blu-ray disc formats.
  • Technological partnerships with companies like Hewlett Packard Co
  • Constantly striving to create new technology standards to deliver new-breed products at unbelievable price-points.

People. Technology. Processes. We at Moser Baer are mastering the art and science of it all!