Get started, and move into the future!

Being a company that has been involved in the development of next-generation formats in optical media, we at Moser Baer do know a thing or two about conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing products not just for today’s markets, but the future as well.

We are the first optical media company in the world to develop and ship HD DVDs and more recently, our in-house developed and patented technology has been accepted as one of the four standard media to be included in the Blu-ray Disk Association. These are monumental achievements and ones that put us in the forefront of product concept, design, and commercial manufacture and shipment – anywhere in the world.

So when you place your trust in Moser Baer, you get:

  • A concept and design team that has successfully worked on current and next-gen optical media formats
  • Quickest possible turnaround on prototyping to manufacture
  • The fastest possible turnaround in replication and delivery