Media  Replication Services

Moser Baer Entertainment offers home video titles in various Indian languages at unmatched prices and is also engaged in media content creation.The company is the first to offer home videos in every popular language of India and it is today India’s largest Home Entertainment company. It currently offers home video titles in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and non-film categories. Moser Baer Entertainment has a large collection of titles in all the popular languages and has already released close to 6,000 of them in the market.Headquarterd in Mumbai, the company is establishing a strong presence across the country in all major metros as well as in smaller towns through an active and well-organized multi-tiered channel. This move will take advantage of the established Moser Baer production capability and a well developed distribution network.

The company has released video content in DVD, Video CD and Blu- Ray formats using Moser Baer’s proprietary and patented technology that ensures the highest quality standards and significantly reduces cost. The movie titles come with world-class packaging. In short, Moser Baer Entertainment is working towards providing unprecedented value by offering high quality products at a price that delights consumers.