With expertise in three core technologies – electrical design (LED drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices) and optical design (lamp holders), MOSER BAER has started manufacturing LED lights under its brand name. MOSER BAER LED lighting products are more efficient (Lumen/W) and have a long life. The LED drivers manufactured measured up to high test quality standards and have the best quality of materials, thus providing the highest brightness, for both low and high powered LED lighting solutions – for indoor, outdoor and other customised applications.Why Moser Baer?Using MOSER BAER LED Lighting can save over 80% electricity cost for lighting.

  • Highest Light Output of > 110 Lumens/Watt at Product Level.
  • Simple Construction with integral driver
  • High CRI of >80
  • Healthy, UV Free Safe Light
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Environment Friendly
  • Straight Retrofit Replacement so no hassles of Electrical Wiring changes
  • Over 5 times longer life than the conventional light
  • MOSER BAER Lamp series can almost replace the Bulbs mostly used.
  • MOSER BAER Tube has compliance with UL, IRTL.
ProtectionPlus Driver

LEDs are low-voltage light sources, requiring a constant DC (Direct Current) voltage or current to operate optimally. LEDs, therefore, require a Driver that can convert incoming AC power to the proper DC voltage, and regulate the current flowing through the LED during operation. Since, LED lights are always proportionate to the regular flow of current or voltage and perform efficiently in cool ambience; hence, an efficient and superior quality of Driver is needed.


Moser Baer, being one of the most credible brands with its constant focus on hi-tech manufacturing and R & D activities, introducedProtectionPlus Driver for its LED Lighting products. India, being a hot tropical country and voltage fluctuations is a common phenomenon, the R&D team of Moser Baer felt a need of an advanced Driver. The ProtectionPlus Driver developed by Moser Baer, that has short-circuit protection, secures the LED Lights from line-voltage fluctuations and ensures longer stand-by power, and increased safety.

The ProtectionPlus Driver, which is tested in extreme-weather conditions and designed specifically to make LED Lights capable of performing efficiently in any industry or sector vulnerable to high temperature.

LED Product Catalogue (Product Information/Brochure)