New Delhi, December 23, 2008: Moser Baer has named Rajiv Arya as the new Chief Executive Officer of its solar photovoltaic business.

Arya has been with Moser Baer Photovolatic (MBPV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Moser Baer, since September 2007. He was until recently MBPV’s Chief Operating Officer.

Arya is known and recognized in the industry as a senior technology leader with experience of over 25 years in the solar energy space. He has vast experience in building and integrating professionals into result-oriented multi-disciplinary teams and has been instrumental in scale-up and validation of three thin film technologies from research into pilot production.

“I am delighted to welcome Rajiv Arya as the new leader of our photovoltaic business,” said Director of Moser Baer. “We are fortunate to have someone of his calibre to take the company to the next level of success. We are leveraging our core R&D and high-tech manufacturing competencies to emerge as a significant player in the global solar photovoltaic industry and Rajiv is the ideal person for the job. I wish him every success in his new role.”

Rajiv Arya said he was delighted to have been chosen to lead Moser Baer’s PV business. “To lead this business is both a privilege and a great opportunity and I thank the management for reposing their faith in me. My focus will be on making Moser Baer one of the top five PV companies globally. With high quality manufacturing, cutting edge R&D and exploring and establishing new markets for PV, Moser Baer’s business is poised for exponential growth.”

Arya has earlier been the Chief Technology Officer of the California-based OptiSolar Inc. and Director of the Oregon Renewable Energy Centre in Portland, Oregon. He also served a long stint with the Virginia-based BP Solar. Rajiv has an M. Tech (Material Sciences) degree from IIT, Kanpur and a Ph.D in electrical engineering from Brown University in Rhode Island.

About Moser Baer India
Moser Baer, headquartered in New Delhi (India), is a leading global technology company. Established in 1983, the company successfully developed cutting edge technologies to become the world’s second largest manufacturer of Optical Storage media formats like CDs, DVDs and blu-ray. In fact, it was among the first to market with shipments of next-generation of storage formats like blu-ray discs and HD DVD. It has the world’s largest single location optical media factory near New Delhi, with strong in-house R&D. Its products are sold in over 80 countries, with EU, US and Japan taking majority share.

Moser Baer has over 11,500 employees and supporting infrastructure offices in US, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world. In recent years, the company has also transformed itself from a single business into a multi-technology organisation, diversifying into exciting areas of solar energy, home entertainment and IT peripherals and consumer electronics.


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