A fairly large cross functional team comprising of more than 40 members SustainAblers – drawn from various departments and levels, including top management representatives, works on integrating sustainability issues and concerns in the business processes. It meets periodically to review stakeholder concerns and engagement processes to ensure that these issues are addressed.

SustainAblers work on the key stakeholder concerns relevant to Moser Baer as well as to the stakeholders which is derived from feedback from employees, dealers and our major external stakeholders: customers, communities, suppliers, investors and NGOs.

SustainAblers engage in regular interaction with various stakeholders to capture the issues most vital to the organisation. We define key issues as those that receive high scores based on these criteria:

  • Having significant current or potential impact on the company
  • Issue that are of significant concern to our stakeholders
  • Assessing the stakeholder expectations against the company’s value drivers

To identify and prioritize material issues, the SustainAblers meet several times during the year as a larger group and in subgroups. SustainAblers are also provided specialized training on sustainability-related issues. For us, this is an important mechanism for improving our corporate sustainability performance on an ongoing basis.