At Moser Baer we keep environmental, social and ethical issues in focus while determining our business and growth strategy. Growth that comes at the cost of these factors is not responsible growth. We believe in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Our approach is not just to tick off boxes to prove our compliance but we are constantly thinking of how we can genuinely contribute to the society in which we operate.

Being a large high-technology manufacturing company places onerous responsibilities on us. We are fully committed to developing and operating a safe, healthy and clean environment to protect vital human resources, plant, machinery and the environment from the hazards and risks. We do this by complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety legislations and we continue to work towards improving the processes and work practices for pollution prevention and risk minimization. In fact, environment and health safety objectives and targets are incorporated in our annual business plans.

At Moser Baer, we are committed to conducting business that achieves an integration of economic, environmental and social imperatives and also addresses our stakeholder expectations.