Project 19
Moser Baer supports Project 19 – Sensitising Communities

Moser Baer Trust supported a unique event ‘Project 19’ – a festival on the Understanding of Rights, Sexuality, Health & HIV/AIDS to bring about voices from across the country on a common platform. It was a co-branded product endorsement primarily aimed towards espousing a social cause. In addition to this, we were the technology partner during the two-day event that took place at the India Habitat Centre from February 15-16, 2009.

Realize Your Dreams

Moser Baer Trust has joined hands with Chronic Care Foundation (CCF) to promote good health and proactively minimize the incidence and effects of non-communicable chronic diseases.

An educative animation film produced by CCF, is in sync with the old saying that “Prevention is better and cheaper than cure” as chronic diseases are often preventable through proper health management, good and nutritive eating habits, avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption. These habits are generally acquired as children and “grow” into adulthood. The objective of the film is to entertain and educate children through story based different modules. Moser Baer has not only donated but also copied the animation film on its CDs for wider circulation to schools, NGOs, and other such organizations working on health issues

Udaan - Making Books Talk

Udaan is an endeavor which aspires to make books accessible to blind children. In partnership with the National Association of the Blind, Moser Baer has designed CDs to disseminate talking books.

Moser Baer Udaan CDs are helping all organisations producing talking books a great deal. There are 67 organisations all over the country who are members of DAISY Forum of India. All these organisations are able to provide benefit to their members by distributing the talking books to them on CDs. Moser Baer has so far contributed about 70,000 Udaan CDs to DAISY Forum of India to reach out to thousands of visually challenged students across India. In addition, our Employee volunteers have recorded around 10 books for them. In addition, to promote volunteerism amongst the employees and the family members, we have developed in-house recording facilities at our various locations where our employees voluntarily record the talking books and these are disseminated nationwide.

MBT - Nasscom Knowledge Centres
Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge sharing and perspective building

Networking amongst the organisations has substantial significance in the development sector. All organisations, be it non profit making organisations, government organisation or academic institutions, have their own area of expertise and can considerably add value to the small organisation for the optimum use of limited resources, by sharing their knowledge with them. Bringing all of them at one platform to share their expertise with each other has always been a challenging task for developmental professionals and the organisations.

Moser Baer Trust has also developed its pool of knowledge and best practices while addressing various developmental issues like Education, Health, Disability, Livelihood and Women empowerment. In its entire tenure, MBT has been closely involved with its stakeholders and designed need based projects expressed by the community. Whatever be the learnings of MBT during the course, all have been documented and endeavors are made to share this knowledge at different levels, ranging from the community, students of concerned discipline, local authorities, and government departments to non-profit organisations. MBT believes that amalgamation of different expertise can bring a remarkable change in the lives of disadvantaged and marginal segment of the society. It avoids focusing all its resources on a particular activity that is already being done by other organisatios, rather MBT would intervene with the exclusive set of skills that are not provided by others. This helps in rendering a holistic approach to the beneficiaries and not just duplicating all efforts in one area. Therefore, MBT always exhorts and prefers to work in partnership with credible partners, with knowledge sharing for the benefit of the society.

Guided by this principle, MBT has organised various interfaces with different institutions and non-governmental organizations, wherein the best practices and knowledge base was shared with them to facilitate smooth functioning and maximum result output. Few of these are given below:

Indus World School of Business (IWSB) Visit

IWSB is an institute engaged in Business Education at Master’s level. As a part of the course curriculum in the second year of Post Graduate programme, it offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a module for the students to enable them to build an understanding about the importance of CSR in today’s era. Such an initiative of the academic institution would go a long way if it could combine their theory with practical knowledge of the organisation like Moser Baer. MBT believes that these are the formative stages of students when their perspective building can be done and these products would serve the society with right perspective and approach. MBT was requested by IWSB to hold an interface in which the students shall be briefed on what the CSR is all about, its implementation at company & society level and how such initiatives are creating a business case for the company. The students were given inputs on environment, health & safety policy, work place initiative & corporate social responsibility of Moser Baer India Limited. Top management comprising Mr. Kishore Bhardwaj, GM- EHS & Mr. V.B Lal and DGM-HR took sessions and enlightened the students on the role of CSR. This interaction was followed by the plant visit to see the practical application of the same.

Partners in change Visit (NOVIB partners)

Partners in Change (PiC) in collaboration with Oxfam India is implementing a project on, “NGO Private Sector Engagement” – a capacity building of NOVIB Partner NGOs in India. This project is intended to demonstrate engagement of the NGOs in business as an integral part of CSR, and to produce a guiding resource for NGOs to conceptualise and operationally engage with business within the broad framework of CSR.

In this reference, PiC organised a one & half day workshop for Oxfam India NGO Partners. This workshop was a blend of theory and practical application of true collaboration between the NGOs and the corporate sector. To achieve objectives of the workshop, they conducted an intensive survey to find out the organisations implementing CSR initiative and working in close partnership with NGOs. During the process, they came across MBT skill development initiative called Disha- Ek Mouka, which is being implemented for last two years in collaboration with CAP Foundation. This partnership is one it’s kinds between a NGO and corporate. Participants were taken to one of its centres to showcase successful case studies of partnership between NGO & Businesses on the second day of the workshop.

During the visit to the centre, representatives from both organisations (MBT & CAP foundation) gave their inputs on how this partnership got materialised and has flourished in past two years. Success of the project was also shared with the participants. MBT representatives emphasised on the promotion of such partnerships and encouraged the participants to get into such partnerships for larger benefit to the society. We at Moser Baer Trust believe that if the corporate resources and NGOs’ rich grassroots experience goes hand in hand then it would really make a significant contribution to the society.

Excerpts from the representatives:

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Moser Baer team for making the plant visit a learning experience for our students. We were enlightened by your session and students have openly appreciated & imressed by EHS initiatives at Moser Baer India Limited. “

Bhumika Malhotra
Research Associate

“Participants had a great learning experience knowing about the partnership between Moser Baer Trust & CAP Foundation. They were highly impressed with the motivation level of the already passed out students & now well placed / working with different companies. The participants felt that the partnership was able to tap & motivate the under privileged youth in generating better prospects for themselves in future”.

Shashank Sharma
Sr. Programme Support Officer
Partners in Change

Launch of Solar powered centre