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LED lighting solutions

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Sale! Led-Bulb-5W-cool-white

Led bulb 5w (Warm White)

Quick view MRP Rs.280.00 Offer Price Rs.235.00 Buy product
Sale! Led-Bulb-7W-cool-white

Led Bulb 7W (Cool White)

Quick view MRP Rs.300.00 Offer Price Rs.269.00 View more
Sale! LED-Panel-Light

Led Flat Panel Light 40w (cool white)

Quick view MRP Rs.14,580.00 Offer Price Rs.8,062.00 Buy product
Sale! LED-street-light-30w-(Cool-White)

LED street light 30w (Cool White)

Quick view MRP Rs.5,490.00 Offer Price Rs.4,239.00 Buy product
Sale! LED-Tube-Light

Decobatten LED Tubelight 18w (cool white)

Quick view MRP Rs.13,120.00 Offer Price Rs.5,966.00 Buy product
Sale! LED-Down-Light-12w-(Cool--White)

LED Down Light 12w (Cool White)

Quick view MRP Rs.1,475.00 Offer Price Rs.919.00 Buy product
Sale! Knight

Knight 8GB

Quick view MRP Rs.330.00 Offer Price Rs.262.00 Buy product
Sale! CD-RW-10-Pack-jewel-case

CD RW 10 Pack jewel case

Quick view MRP Rs.410.00 Offer Price Rs.299.00 Buy product
Sale! Knight-16GB

Knight 16GB

Quick view MRP Rs.550.00 Offer Price Rs.380.00 Buy product
Sale! Swivel

Swivel 8GB

Quick view MRP Rs.330.00 Offer Price Rs.262.00 Buy product
Sale! Racer-4GB-Light-Blue

Racer 4GB Light Blue

Quick view MRP Rs.400.00 Offer Price Rs.275.00 Buy product
Sale! Dual-Layer-5-Pack-jewel-case

Dual Layer 5 Pack jewel case

Quick view MRP Rs.400.00 Offer Price Rs.258.00 Buy product

Moser Baer Lighting App

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Lighting is one of the key elements that make your house a home. Not choosing the right colours of light can totally mar your decor as colour enhances the ambiance and mood vital for health.

Moser Baer presents Let’s LED, know-how for planning your lighting needs. Lighting has two key properties – color of light from white to yellow (measured as CCT) and lumens output (amount of light emitted by lighting product). Higher the lumens per watt of power, the more efficient the lighting. The third key feature of the light source is the lux. It tells the amount of light falling on your task area and shows how efficiently lighting device directs the light to desired area. Moser baer high technology lights are higher lumens at lower power wattage and give high lux.

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